SRT Helicopters

SRT helicopters is a full service helicopter company based in Bakersfield, California. We provide a range of initial flight training, specialized training and commercial operations. Our location allows us to serve both Southern and Northern California.

We have been involved with training operations throughout North America and in various countries internationally.

Our flight training division offers some of the best professional training available today. If you're looking for a career in rotary winged aviation you couldn't ask for a better start than with SRT Helicopters. Courses we offer include:

- Private Pilot Training.
- Instrument Rating.
- Commercial Pilot Training. 
- Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).
- Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII).

We also undertake various commercial operations for a variety of clients. We pride ourselves on providing "total turn key" solutions with the highest quality of staff and equipment. The services we can coordinate include:

- Aerial Advertising.
- Aerial Surveying.
- Agricultural Operations.
- Charter Services.
- Airborne Law Enforcement. 
- Photography.
- Pleasure Flights / Helicopter Rides.
- Pipeline & Powerling Patrol.

Our specialized training division provides high risk operational services and training for private business, military, local, state, and Federal Agencies. SRT training is customized to meet the requirements of each customer's missions and includes:

- Initial and Recurrent Pilot Training.
- CRM/Human Factors for Air Crew and Management Personnel.
- Technical Rescue Training, including Hoist Rescue and Maintenance.
- Incident Management and Incident Command Training.
- Special Operations, including Airborne Use of Force.
- Operations in Austere Environments.
- Operational NVG Training.

SRT Helicopters offers the highest quality personalized flight instruction. Our expert, high-time staff will help you reach your goals. Whether you are interested in becoming a professional pilot or flying for fun. We offer various courses beginning with the Private Pilot's License and progressing through the Commercial Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating and Certified Flight instructor rating.