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General Information

Some of our unique benefits:

SRT Helicopters aims to offer the best quality flight training in the market today. We only use the highest quality instructors and equipment with safety always being our highest concern. A graduate of SRT Helicopters will always be a well rounded pilot who finishes our training with a skill set allowing them to take on many challenges in their future flying.

All our aircraft are stored in a hangar every night helping ensure their machanical longevity and allowing students to pre-flight sheltered from the elements. We also carry personal liability insurance for all our students covering them against any action up to $1,000,000 should the worst ever happen.

Location, location, location:

We also have some of the best training environments right on our door step. Our home airport offers a controlled environment with radar and approach control facilities as well as instrument approaches so students gain exposure in all types of radio communication and instrument flying, yet the environment is not so busy as to overwhelm a low time pilot.

Bakersfield airport is at 500 feet yet within a ten minute flight you can be in the mountains at 7000 feet, thus giving excellent exposure to the challenges of mountain flying and limited performance maneuvers. An absolute must for commercial pilots and those wishing to fly in many areas of the western US and Canada.

Also within 30 minutes flight we have the Pacific coast and the busy Los Angeles basin areas for the ultimate breadth of real world experience. All these benefits along with a relatively low cost of living and you'll soon see why we have one of the best areas anywhere in the world to train as a helicopter pilot.

And there's more:

SRT also works closely with Utah Valley State College (UVSC) to offer on-line aviation degree programs, so you can be flight training with us whilst earning your degree on-line through UVSC. This option also opens up various extra avenues for financial aid and grants. For more information click here.

We are also the first FAA Part 61 school to provide M1 visa approval allowing us to train international students. See our 'International Students' section under 'Flight Training' for more details.

For an electronic copy of our flight training brochure in PDF format click here.

Current prices for training based on our common courses are available in PDF format here.

SRT Helicopters offers the highest quality personalized flight instruction. Our expert, high-time staff will help you reach your goals. Whether you are interested in becoming a professional pilot or flying for fun. We offer various courses beginning with the Private Pilot's License and progressing through the Commercial Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating and Certified Flight instructor rating.