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Pipeline/Powerline Patrol

The fastest and most effective way to monitor powerlines and pipelines for damage is from the air.

SRT Helicopters can provide scheduled and "on-demand" patrols for our customers.

Aerial patrol of pipelines is an effective means of rapidly covering broad areas of remote power and pipeline assets.

SRT Helicopters has consistently provided our clients with quality service at competitive prices.

We have highly experienced personnel, high-tech equipment and dependable aircraft to keep your company flying high.

The focus of any patrol can be tailored to address specific needs due to environmental circumstances or regulatory changes.

SRT Helicopters can observe and report on many anomalies including:

  • - Pipeline leaks (Dead vegitation, discoloration etc.).
  • - Sunken backfill.
  • - Exposed pipes.
  • - Evidence of encroachments on to the right of way.
  • - Land erosion.
  • - Broken terraces.
  • - Construction or excavation on or adjacent to the right of way.
  • - Evidence of heavy traffic across the right of way.


SRT’s patrols are custom configured to your needs so call us today and find out how we can keep your business running at peak efficiency.

SRT Helicopters offers a variety of commercial operations to meet your personal or professional needs. Whatever challenge you have that needs the unique characteristic of helicopter then we are here to help. Specific packages can easily be tailored to your needs. See how our quality staff and equipment can help you today. You’ll soon see why we just “Love to Fly”.