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SRT Helicopters prides itself on always the best equipment for the job in hand, not just the cheapest or most fashionable at that time. We know all our helicopters inside and out and ensure that they are maintained to the most stringent requirements. Safety is always a top priority and never taken for granted.

All of our aircraft and kept in a hangar when not in use so they are safe and protected from any harsh weather that may prematurely age components. It also means that pre-flight inspections can be carried out in a warm sheltered environment before those wintry flights.

Some of our aircraft include:

Schweizer 300

Bell Jetranger

Bell Longranger

Bell 212HP

Cessna 172

SRT has been in operation for over 20 years. We are a full service helicopter company that provides flight training, specialized training and commercial operations. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible service that we can along with industry leading quality of both staff and equipment. We will meet your needs with the best “Turn Key” solutions and the highest levels of expertise from years of experience in the industry.