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Mountain Flying Course

Mountain flying in a helicopter can be a challenging environment even for the most experienced pilot. Geographically you can be mountain flying within 5 minutes of leaving the airport

SRT Helicopters location makes it a prime training area for Mountain Flying. With flight operations being conducted from Meadows Field (KBFL) you have your choice of Mountain Ranges with Desert and Coastal Influences. Whether it’s the Sierra Nevada’s located only 10 minutes to the East, the Angeles National Forest famous for it’s Santa Ana winds to the South, or the Santa Barbara Mountains to the West, our training will prepare you for the real world missions you will face.

Who Should Attend?
Any pilot whose mission or recreational flight profiles require them to enter or operate in a mountainous environment will benefit from this course.

Course Includes:

High altitude wind finding procedures including identification of Anabatic, Katabatic, convective and mechanical winds.
- Introduction to long line slinging and vertical reference flying.
- The circle & figure 8 reconnaissance.
- Determining precise landing spots.
- Contour flying.
- Mountain approaches and take-offs.
- Saddle, ridge, ledge, and pinnacle landings.
- Mountain heli-pads and platforms.
- Cirques and steep sloping valleys.
- Deep snow landings and whiteout procedures.
- Illusions and positive airspeed control.
- Boundary air movement.

Comprehensive ground school helicopter training manual which includes:

Mountain topography and formations.
- Mountain weather and winds.
- Ice field and cirque weather.
- Reconnaissance approach and departure techniques.
- High density altitude and helicopter performance.
- Physiological and psychological factors and facts.

SRT Specializes in disaster preparedness and response, technical rescue and water/tactical operations. We have become a leader in providing “Total Turn Key” solutions. Our training staff is comprised of working professionals who respond to real world missions everyday and are industry leaders in their respective fields. From our Technical Rescue Instructors to our Incident Command staff, our personnel are known the world over for their professionalism, expertise, and “Passion for the Job”.